Hollow and Slice Issues?

Dale Larsen 2019-6-5 1416

I have been teying to use the hollow tool but am finding missing chunks from layers creating holes and layer separation when sliced in CWX/CWS and NanoDLP. This happening on both D7 and Shuffle XL so its two different platforms and slicers. ChituBox Slicing Preview shows no problems but all three platforms above have the same issue. 


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  • Dale Larsen 2019-7-3
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    Why can’t someone respond? Deny it is a bug or simply tell me it’s in testing. Provide some kind answer please?
  • Talis Mancer 2019-7-3
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    I haven't got a response either....use Meshmixer to hollow the model.
    (Howto is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhyf_JttQEY)