Chitubox 1.9 - conversion failed error code:9

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I have an issue with Chitubox - after saving sliced file for Anycubic Photon Mono SE I'm getting an error conversion failed error code:9. After that the file is not saved. Is there a way to fix it?

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  • stephen 9 Months+
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    I'm getting the same error on photon-s
  • Guest 9 Months+
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    I am also getting the same issue with Anycubic mono x, but the issue only appears in 1.9. I reinstalled 1.8.1 and it works fine, but it won't work on 1.9.
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    I'm getting the same on the mono x. had to revert to 1.8.1
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    Same with Photon Mono SE. Reverting to 1.8.1
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    I had the same issue with 1.9. Downgraded to 1.8.1 and the same project saved okay.
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    Same here very annoying! I just upgraded PLEASE FIX THIS
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    My printer is a Mono X same issue
  • Guest 9 Months+
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    Same. Mono X. I saved the project file, downgraded to 1.8.1 and it sliced successfully.
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  • William Chan 9 Months+
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    This fixed the problem for V19
  • Guest 9 Months+
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    Same here. Installing latest dev tools for xcode didn't help, maby it will work on windows using the DLL's. Guess it will be months before another bug fix. The CPU bug took a while.
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    I had to reinstall v1.8.0 which you find in the download page under "Beta"
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    had the same issue on my Mac - reverting back to 1.8.1 solved the issue and I can save the files. I could use V1.9.0 perfectly fine in the beginning until I installed the development tools. after that I got the error message.
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    I have found a solution on Mac until an update is released. You need to copy files of the AnyCubic plugin from the old version and place it in the new version folder.

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    Could you please tell me how to get access to these folders and files? I can't find them on my Mac.
  • Guest 6 Months+
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    Go to Finder. Then go to application. Find Chitubox. On my computer you can only have 1.8.1 or 1.9 in applications. Once you find Chitubox right click on it and select "show package contents". It appears that 1.8.1 has slightly different file structure compared to 1.9. Anyways if you look through the folders you should be able to find the files in question.
  • Guest 6 Months+
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    You guys are lifesavers! Thanks so much. That old file swap worked.
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    Does anyone have this file they care to share? When I last used Pro, this worked fine but I was using the trial version. I decided to upgrade today assuming ChituBox would still work. I paid for the the annual subscription only to find, I cannot slice due to this error. 
  • 4 Months+
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    I don't have the "original" files.  Does anyone know where I can get a copy of teh old version?
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    Is there a fix for this yet? I am experiencing the same issues
  • Francois Menard 2 Months+
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    Come-on Chitu people ... a fix that's 5 months old still needs to be run again... i.e. copying the AnyCubicPluginMac and the plugin.json files into the 1.9.1 'show package contents' to get files to print on an Anycubic Mono X...  I do confirm it works circa Feb 21, 2022.
  • Cliff Knight 2 Months+
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    The Anycubic plug-in was created by Anycubic--this is not a Chitubox issue:

    I am invreasingly convinced they do not want people to use Chitubox, but rather their Photon Workshop application.