Update V1.9 is acting buggy

STEVE PLAYFORD 2 Months+ 353

I was promted to download the V1.9 update and nothing is working as it did before. 2 things right off the bat are the dragging of an object one way will drag it the opposte direction, which is extremely frustrating. Also, once my file is saved to a usb, my printer now doesn't recognize the file format, this is the error message- "Unknown file format". Everything worked just fine before this update, so what gives?

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    I assume you have updated to the latest firmware as instructed, where the release notes say "version 1.9 uses the new cbt file format and will not be recognised until the printer firmware is updated." 
  • Dustin Albright 2 Months+
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    I have the same issue and I did install the latest firmware for my Creality LD002R. All of my files have no thumbnail on the screen and give the same error message. I uninstalled and  reinstalled v1.8 and I'm back in business.

  • Cliff Knight 1 Months+
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    I have not experienced any problems with chitubox v1.9  manipulation of models, nor printing issues-i did update the firmware on my plain ol' Mars ("M20xxx") printer to the 4.4.3 "pro" package--it is working fine...