Chitubox 1.9 and Creality LD-002H - "Invalid File Format" error

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I just upgraded to Chitubox 1.9 and I'm getting "Invalid File Format" on my Creality LD-002H. I'm using the same USB drive as I previously have. The only thing that's changed is the new version of the software.

I reverted back to version 1.8.1 and it's working again, but this seems like a pretty bad bug.  I hope it gets fixed soon.

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  • Guest 2 Months+
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    There's a new firmware for the Creality LD-002H . 
    Download it from Creality site and install it and all go fine.
  • wangjingjing 2 Months+
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    Hi, if you get "Unknown File format" error message with file from CHITUBOX Basic V1.9.0 , please check if you have update the latest firmware.
    Check the new firmware here:
    The printer needs to upgrade the firmware to read the CTB files sliced by CHITUBOX Basic v1.9.0 and CHITUBOX Pro.
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    Just had the same problem with a LD-002R, "upgrading" the machines firmware is not an option, what if after trying that it still doesnt work?  "please contact your supplier" will be the next  response