Slicing of more than one of the same model makes Islands - What the Hell is going on?

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i open an new stl-model exported from Solidworks. Then i slice it and it looks fine - detect Islands = 0. Check the layer manually all is okay.

If i copy or reopen the same model - so i have three of them in the slicer and slice again - then chitubox makes island in the two others i add as latest.

I have test it again and again - if i slice more then one of the same model chitubox makes islands on the additonal models.

It must be a Bug - because one model with no islands can not have islands only if i print three of them?

It can also be a problem of the exportet STL-Complexity - i use a very high resolution on Solidworks - but chitbux slice one model very well and additional ones with islands...

So some Ideas????

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    Nobody have this Problem? Have you checked the Island after setup more than one of the same model on the build-plattform?
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    With the Pro Version i found out that a Rotation by 180 Degree make Islands. Two times 90 Degree ist not a problem.