Delayed Action

Guest 3 Months+ 85

My specs and software info:

Windows 10 Home ver 21H1

Ryzen 5800x

Rtx 3080

CTB 1.9

Since I updated to 1.9 CTB has started doing what I ask it to do in a delayed fashion. An example:

I click open, and try to open a file: thingToPrint.stl

Nothing happens

I click open again and try to open a different file: otherThingToPrint.stl

It opens thingToPrint.

I open a third thing.

It opens otherThingToPrint

And so on. This delayed reaction also happens when I save. I can make a model, hollow it, prep it, etc, and then save it to a folder. It'll act like it's fine, but when I go to look for the file it isn't there. After I open the next .stl, the saved file suddenly appears, but it can't open the file. If I then go to save, it doesn't save, but opens that file instead.

Clearly I'm haunted, and have contacted the appropriate authorities, but I just wanted to report this in case anyone else has a similar issue. 

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