"Rest Time" and TSMC settings are ignored by the print time estimator algorithm

Lissanro Rayen 3 Months+ 284

If I multiply sum of all Rest Time settings by number of layers and add it to the estimated printed time by Chitubox, I get very close estimate how long it will take (assuming I do not use TSMC settings). If I use TSMC settings, estimated print time will become incorrect, because they are ignored by the estimator algorithm.

To reproduce the issue, try estimating printing time with all Rest Time settings set to 0, and then estimate again with Rest Time settings set to non-zero values. The estimated printing time will be exactly the same, but it should have been larger. The same is true for TSMC settings, even if you set secondary speeds to very slow values, it will not change estimated time to print.

Please fix this, right now estimated time is always wrong if I use the new settings.

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