Machine Dimensions Wrong? (V1.9.0 & Anycubic Photon Mono Settings)

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I'm trying to use Chitubox V1.9.0 for my Photon Mono. I've selected the machine profile from the list. However, it has set the resolution to be X: 1620 and Y: 2560. Shouldn't it be X:2560 and Y: 1620?

When I tried to import a RERF file, it doesn't fit in the correct orientation. It does fit fine when I swap the X & Y dimensions.

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  • Levente Papp 1 Months+
    Quote 2Floor
    Yes, the same problem. However, a pwmo file created with a manually modified value cannot be handled by the printer. Leave it at the factory value of 1620x2560 and rotate the object.