ChiTuBox 1.4 crashing Anycubic Photon S

Tyler Giddings 2019-6-14 4325

Anytime that I slice a file for my Photon S it causes my machine to crash. When I plug in my USB to my printer and select print, the screen goes black and white (salt and pepper battle) and I have to restart my machine. Even before I have selected the file, it immediately crashes when I select print if I have a ChiTuBox sliced file on the USB. An update to fix this would be GREATLY appreciated as the Photon slicing software is terrible!

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  • Henry 2019-6-16
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    I'm having the same problem.  I start the machine with the USB stick already in the printer and it appears to boot fine.  When I go into the print menu, I see the files I've made via ChiTuBox, but they are not right.  A few of them look fine, others have a very distorted appearance to the model, and the bulk of them are just a snowy white mess.  If I try to select any of them, one of a few things happens (even with the ones that look fine):  

    1) the machine will freeze completely and I have to reboot 

    2) the print will start and the first layer or 2 will be fine, but the rest of the layers fail to display on the curing LCD so nothing else prints. 

    3) the LCD will not display any images so nothing prints at all.  

    I am using the photon s selection in ChiTuBox and all of my selections seem to be close to default.  I've stopped trying to print these files, and now I just leave the vat out and look down at the screen to see if the layer are displaying or not.  When I try to use the OEM Anycubic software everything works fine.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

  • Guest 2019-6-26
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    So the issue here is that ChiTuBox creates an invisible file with the same name as the sliced file, which the Photon S doesn't like or understand. So if the filename is Slices.photons, then it will also create a ._Slices.photons file. I think this may actually be a function of macos, because the ._Slices.photons file persists even if it's copied over via Finder.

    The solution is to copy it over to the USB drive, and then delete the ._Slices.photons file before attempting to print. If you're not sure how to show invisible files in Finder, here's the first thing I found on Google. :)

  • CHITUBOX 2019-6-29
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    Henry I'm having the same problem.  I start the machine with the USB stick already in the ...
    What you mean is that the files cut by anycubic workshop are normal. Is there any problem with using chitubox cut by photons? Can you take a picture and tell me the firmware version on the photons touch screen? Because photons does not use the CBD motherboard, we don't know if there are bugs in the firmware.