Unknown File Format Epax E6

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So, im currently setting up an Epax E6 and E10.
I've downloaded Chitubox and have loaded the beloved 3D Benchy as a test print.
I have my machine profile set up for both printers, and the Epax Resin profile.
I have saved and checked the file format to indeed be .ctb, yet it is recognized as an unknown format.
I downloaded the Epax test pyramid, which is currently printing properly in .ctb format.
I have seen several posts about this issue with no clear answers.
Please help!

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    same issue...new to this not sure what I am doing wrong
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    Quote 3Floor
    Printed all rigth, and out of nowhere, board starts to give the message error 'unknown file format', everytime I try to print the file. Also, the board do not show the file image, just a standard icon.