Pro V1.0.1 - No Access To Mapped Network Drives

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This issue has nothing to do with using network send to send a sliced file to a printer. I have seen similar posts concerning this issue with no real answers and ctb confusing the problem with subject of network send.

Environment: I keep all my stl, obj, and sliced files on a server because I work from several computers in the home, this way I dont need multiple copies of the same file and I dont have to go searching for the one with the most recent changes. 

Problem: When I go to import a model into Chitubox Pro, in the Open File window, the mapped network drive and any folders I have mapped to that drive (like Downloads) do not show up. 

Current Method: I currently have to open the file explore on the computer, navigate to the network drive on the server, copy the stl I want, then paste it to a location that is physically in the machine I am working from to be able to import the file into Chitubox Pro. 

Question: Is there a setting that will allow Chitubox to access a network drive, or will a future update resolve this issue?

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    Same problem here. I cannot see any mapped drives when I want to open an stl file or when I go to save a sliced file.