TSMC (Two-Stage Motion Control) Issues For The LD-006

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When setting up the TSMC the correct way.... the sliced model when printed acts as expected on the bottom retract and bottom lift layers (slow up 2mm, then fast up 5mm; followed by fast down 5mm, then slow down 2mm). Immediately when it starts the normal layers, it completely ignores the lift parameters but performs the retract parameters as expected (Slow up the full distance of 7mm; fast down for 5mm, follwed by slow down of 2mm). I thought maybe it was a limitation in the default machine parameters, but I have pulled those, adjusted anything remotely that looked limiting, and replaced the machine parameters with the newly adjusted ones with no change in printing the model. I am almost certain this issue is within the slicing itself, but trying to read the g-code for the sliced model in a text editor is impossible because its jibberish compared to the G-Code of FDM models, Laser project, and CNC projects which I can read all 3 fluently. I know that I have the slicer setup correctly because the bottom lifts are working fine. I installed the 1.9.0 on a different machine and sliced the model again with the same results. Is this a bug that needs to be addressed or is there something that I am just missing?

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