Issue with being unable to properly hollow model

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I have a question about attempting to hollow out a model, and I'm unsure if there's a way to fix the issue I'm having.

I have a mech model I'm attempting to print, and to save resin I'd like to hollow the model out. The issue though is that it looks like the model when it was created, was made in several individual pieces, then assembled in the 3d program and merged into one solid 3d file.

The issue with this is that when I attempt to hollow out the model it doesnt leave the model with one continuous cavity in the center, but several sub cavities, like the pelvis and torso being two seperate sections separated by a solid layer that isn't removed while hollowing. This means if I hollowed the model I'd need to place close to  10-12 different drain holes to accomodate all the resin I'd drain out. 

My main question is there a way to potentially solidify the entire model to be registered as a single solid piece I could then hollow out, or some sort of similar process? Any help would be appreciated.

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