Chitubox + ANYCUBIC PHOTON ZERO [2021- main thread]

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Out of a lack of standardized support and useless discord servers by companies with lackluster printing software, chitubox is partnered with ANYCUBIC and is where I am investing my time in community effort.

@Chitubox Team, This means to be an updated thread on using chitubox with the anycubic photon zero. 

If it's not to much to ask, please be responsive in answering this thread to help ANYCUBIC PHOTON ZERO owners to maximise the potential of the ZERO and Chitubox.

1. What is the current status of firmware and currently the best one to use? I don't see any link for one ( I can test your beta firmware).

    Anycubic provides ( which seems a little old... Do you have a better one? Y/N

2. Please reply add as many updated links as possible that will help me put it all together in this thread.... General FAQ won't help, we need links specificaly for this model, if you have done no actual testing with this model.... Now is your oppotunity.

@Photon Zero owners, please do add what you have been doing to acheive successful prints.


    - Resin brand model color /+ settings via screenshot + outputed print with settings.

    - screenshot of support setting and orientation before print

    - satus print : success / fail ?





TRY1 > FAIL: I did pause the print to bring the plate up and saw part attached to support,then resumed seems like the part fell off the supports (sorry no screenshot on that), 

@Chitubox team light supports and default resin settings = failed print.

TRY2 > Reoriented as above screenshot, will post status.

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