Printing vases on Saturn

steven levine 2 Months+ 75

As was mentioned by others, orienting pieces at 45 degrees limits the height of the final piece.

I consider this to be a major weakness of SLA printers in that in order to successfully print a tall piece, one has to lay it down at 45 degrees, load it with supports and constrain the height to the length of the build plate and not the 200 or so mm specified in the Saturn.

The reason I chose the Saturn was so I could use Zbrush to very accurately add texture on the outside of vases, flowers, other overlaid objects, and make use of the accuracy of MSLA 4k screens, .05 mm res etc.

Doing this on FDM would just destroy the textures, accuracy and require that I sand the whole thing smooth.  

Can someone at Chitubox or Elegoo take a simple 8 inch high vase design (curved, not square shape) and try to print it using Chitubox to slice it?

The attached file can be scaled inside Chitubox to have it fill the build plate vertically so you can see what I am talking about.

I think that printing figurines and toys is a very limited market and art vases would be a large one.

Please address this so you can enable a new, large market for SLA printers.


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