ChituBox Pro asks for license info every startup

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I recnetly got my Elegoo Mars 3 and activated my new Chitubox Pro license on my account, and downloaded the software. Everytime it launches however, it presents me with 'Buy Now', Start Trial', or 'Activate License'. I have to 'activate' my license every time the software starts. When I click 'activate license', the license info is filled in, so I click next. The Printer ID is always blank and I have to keep typing my printer Id in as found on my license card. This is incredibly annoying and needs fixed. 

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    I have this exact same issue. its a massive PITA. Chitubox has a bad reputation for bugginess and user unfriendlyness and this isnt helping that image
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    Same for me, and round every 1 hour comes the new request for license
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    Is there any answer to this? I just started this program and everytime i open it i am asked to activate the license and add printer ID...
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    I have to manually enter a 16 digit code everytime I try to log in. This is a joke. Who the hell would pay 100 bucks a year for a program like this. It's school project level coding. These guys are clearly out of their depth?
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    Same problem here.

    Chitubox has somehow gotten worse over the last year of development, to the point I'm actively telling people not to get any new printers using their boards because the software is so bad.

    It's a shame because the Mars 3 is a great printer but the software ruins it, and so far the "Chitubox SDK" hasn't been good enough for any other slicer to deal with.

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    any news on that issue from the develeopers? can not be that hard to fix...
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    I opened a ticket and received the following response:

    this is a known bug of CHITUBOX Pro 1.0.1, we will fix it in the next formal release.<br>Currently, please use this version instead:<br><br><br>Thank you!

    The URL is to a beta release of 1.1.1, and it does appear to resolve the license issue. I haven't tested to see if they introduced any new issues, but it at least doesn't ask for the damn printer ID every time you open the application.

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    that worked thanks