Frequent incomplete prints on Sparkmaker FHD

Jean Simonet 17 Days+ 63

I am having trouble with a number of prints. It seems as soon as I add (too many?) objects to the project, the resulting file crashes my Sparkmaker FHD. The file here is an example of that problem. I am not sure where the problem is (Chitubox or Sparkmaker), but I also noticed that often times I can not re-open the generated fhd file in Chitubox, so I am posting here first.

The symptom is that the print starts correctly but stops after printing the supports, however the platform doesn't retract.

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  • Jean Simonet 15 Days+
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    Follow up, I think the inability to re-open the file in Chitubox is a different issue than the Sparkmaker HD stopping.
    My current theory is that the printer stops if the Z axis ends up skipping some steps, which is more likely when there are more objects on the build plate and it is harder to lift the layer from the FEP film. Just a theory though...