.cfg or plugin that will allow Chitubox 1.9.0 to output .svgx files

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I have a Flashforge Foto 8.9 resin printer and I see it was added as a printer in Chitubox version 1.9.0.  However, it only wants to create .fdg files on a save and the Flashforge Foto 8.9 requires the saves to be in the .svgx format for them to be printed.

I had a 1.8.1 version set so it would output. .svgx files, but that laptop crashed and I lost that working version.

Can someone assist me in getting a flashforge 8.9 .cfg file or plugin that will allow me to save the output as .svgx files.


James Brett Sloan 

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    I am having the same issue....has anyone solved this before?
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    Not a great work around, but you can change the printer to be one that does export the slice in the correct file type and then copy your settings over.
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    In the Flashforge_Foto_8_9.cfg  configuration file, which should be located in the Chitubox application folder in a sub-folder named ../resources/machine,

    change the line that reads:



    defaultSlicerExport:FlashDLPrint file(*.svgx), fdg(*.fdg)

    That will allow you to select either at the time you save the sliced file...

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    How do I do this on a Mac?
  • Cliff Knight 8 Months+
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    Find the Flashforge_Foto_8_9.cfg  configuration file (there must be some way to search globally for a specific file on a Mac) and edit it as described above...

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    Cliff Knight Find the Flashforge_Foto_8_9.cfg  configuration file (there must be some way to search glob ...
    I am having this same issue. In addition when I try to edit the configuration file it says that I do not have access. Anyone have an answer for this or know a work around or plugin. 
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    I am having this same issue. In addition when I try to edit the configuration file it says that I do ...
    So I kind of figured it out, before you go and edit the "defaultSlicerExport:FlashDLPrint file(*.svgx), fdg(*.fdg)" on the Foto 8.9.cfg file first you have to right click and go into properties and there go to the tab labeled security, once there you have to edit the permisions to allow you to change the line within that file.  Once you set all the permissions to allow, apply, hit ok and then open the .cfg file with the notepad in order to change that line and save it.  Now very important, after you do this, you must add the Flashforge 8.9 profile into Chitubox AGAIN in order for the changes to take effect.  If you have any other questions as to how to do this let me know.  Also, this was how I did it for Windows, not sure about Mac as I'm not familiar with them yet.  Long time PC user, not that I hate Mac's they're just too expensive for my budget right now lol.