.cfg or plugin that will allow Chitubox 1.9.0 to output .svgx files

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I have a Flashforge Foto 8.9 resin printer and I see it was added as a printer in Chitubox version 1.9.0.  However, it only wants to create .fdg files on a save and the Flashforge Foto 8.9 requires the saves to be in the .svgx format for them to be printed.

I had a 1.8.1 version set so it would output. .svgx files, but that laptop crashed and I lost that working version.

Can someone assist me in getting a flashforge 8.9 .cfg file or plugin that will allow me to save the output as .svgx files.


James Brett Sloan 

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    I am having the same issue....has anyone solved this before?