Asked to re-enter license key on startup as well as every few minutes when running

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This is ridiculous.  If I had 351 days of licenses left 10 minutes ago then I still have a valid license now!  It's logging in to my chittubox account just fine, but it keeps forgetting that I have a license and have already given it the license number & printer ID dozens of times.

Sometimes I just need to enter the printer ID and it remembers the license key, but even that is a needless annoyance.

I'm using CHITUBOX Pro V1.0.1 with a license that came with a Mars 3, and being forced to work with Chitubox and these issues is honestly making me regret upgrading  even though the hardware is really nice.

Is there any fix of workaround to prevent this?

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    I posted the link to a beta release that support provided me in the thread linked above.