Voxel doubling on the Y axis only

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I'm printing the Ameralabs calibration piece (small high resolution test piece)

If I slice with default settings for my Elegoo Saturn on 1.9.0  I get a loss of resolution and a noticable increase in the Y axis only, as if the Y axis voxels were doubled.

The same piece sliced with 1.8.1 prints perfectly

(pictures to follow)

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    Pictures :

    Left is sliced with 1.9.0  - notice how the finer pins are oval shaped and gaps between blocks have been filled

    Right is sliced with 1.8.1

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    OK false alarm  - it seems that anti-aliasing was on from default and I must have played with the scale correction at some point (really don't remember dojing this???). Switching those off get the print quality back to normal .