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I am interested in trying out the pro version as it looks as if it will really assist me, even if it is a little expensive the costs maybe offset greatly by saving time and allowing more accurate and better layouts of items and supports etc.

I see I can down load the pro for a weeks trial

Questions are

Do I need to update anything on my printer, Elegoo Saturn

If I do what happens if I decide not to purchase the pro version, how do I get my old settings back.

The same applies to my laptop where chitubox is on, will the trial overwrite my free version and if so how do I restore the free version 

I also presume no data or information will be lost or changed in any way.

It will be appreciated for any help in answering these questions.

Regards Alistair 

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    Quote 2Floor
    - Do I need to update anything on my printer, Elegoo Saturn?
    See "Minimum Supported Firmware Versions"

    - how do I get my old settings back?
    Use the backup/restore function in Chitubox