Island detection

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I'm really enjoying using Chitubox.  I see that after slicing, there is an option to detect islands, but the interface is not very good at helping the user to identify where the actual islands are.  Before using the Saturn I used the Anycubic Photon, which had an app which allowed you not only to detect islands, but to fix a model by integrating very small islands (1-3 pixels, I believe) into neighbouring segments.  More importantly, the app showed you where the detected islands were with red lines on the X and Y axis (picture attached).  It would be much more useful to the user to visually indicate where the islands are, not just what layer they are on, because I think Chitubox can detect very small islands - smaller than the eye can readily see.

If Chitubox could fix small islands by integrating them into nearby segments (possibly by offering the user a threshold for which to do this), that would be stellar.


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