Chitubox Pro goes unresponsive after every GUI menu click (v1.1.0 & v1.0.1)

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I cannot get v1.1.0 or v1.0.1 of Chitubox Pro to work properly. Multiple uninstall and restarts have not fixed the problem. What happens is the program takes a long time to load, no big deal some things do actually take that long. The issue is when I click on items in the GUI the program goes unresponsive for half a minute and will sometimes not recover and completely freeze.

Upon further testing Chitubox Basic v1.9.0 has similar problems. It seems to be slow every now and then. It doesn't exhibit the same unresponsiveness as the Pro version.

See video for explanation.

Attached is a dump of MSInfo.

Right now my printer is a paper weight and I would love to get it working. Any alternative slicers would be nice to know of or if you have any work arounds or troubleshooting steps, that would be nice.

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  • Korvazor 6 Months+
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    I'm about to just go back to using Lychee slicer, the response times in this program are ridiculous.
  • 6 Months+
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    I agree that the new version 1.1.0 is unusable on high power PC! I hope it gets resolved soon but yeh looking for alternatives.
  • Guest 5 Months+
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    same problem here, but it worked fine until I installed Lychee 3.6.
    After a system restore to 2 days earlier and after installing Chitubox and Lychee, things went well again - until the computer restarted. then the crap started from the beginning
  • Cliff Knight 5 Months+
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    What o/s are you guys running?  Just curious... 

    After experiencing numerous bugs and other issues with the newer free versions (> 1.8.x on Linux Mint 20.1) I have reverted to 1.7.0 to make my life less aggravating.  Chitubox does not seem especially interested in fixing any of this--too bad, conceptually it's pretty good software, but the implementation sucks.
  • 5 Months+
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    Someone sent me a message on youtube. They said to stop Power Toys from running. I don't know if you have Power Toys, but you may have a similar program that manages program windows. Try disabling it and it may get the program going again. After I stopped Power Toys from running on my machine I was able to use Chitubox to its full potential. 
  • Li Geng 5 Months+
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    This is a known issue caused by software conflict, you can either quit your runtime software one by one to track down which software conflicts with CHITUBOX.
    The following software may cause the conflict:
    - Anti-virus software
    - Tabtip (In Windows Task Manager it is called Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel)
    - PowerToys
    - Google Drive
    - Grammarly
  • Guest 4 Months+
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    Thanks for that tip Li.  For me it was in conflict with Google Drive.  not great, but i can live with shutting that down while using Chitubox Pro
  • Randy 4 Months+
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    Glad I didn't upgrade  This has been going on for over a year on the basic version and Chitubox has not nothing.  Time to switch slicers I guess
  • Guest 3 Months+
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    OMG, it was totally Google Drive for me! Thank you for the tip! This is an extremely absurd bug to have. Now I have to pull down all my models from Google Drive to another location to be able to put them into Chitubox and shut down Google Drive so their software won't crash. The amount of bugs this software has really makes it the worst bang-for-buck I think I've ever paid for...