Camera pivot and hide option

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I'm not saying this to be spiteful, it's merely my opinion after using professional 3d-modeling software for 12 years: this is the worst computer-program I have ever used.

The lack of basic common sense applied to its functionality is staggering. The most obvious and annoying flaw is that the selected object doesn't become the camera's rotation pivot. This becomes a major problem when working zoomed in amongst a lot of supports. The tiniest of rotations and you let having to pan endlessly to get back to what you what working on (if you can even find it). It's just madness.

Also, you can't hide supports. This means that's its impossible to edit supports in the centre of a model without deleting the outer supports.

Also: I have no printer settings (and yes my Chitu updates on every start-up).

I get so mad when I use these program. If this is the best China can do, I will do everything feasible to avoid their home-grown products in the future.

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