Anti-aliasing Photon-s profile

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In the settings for the profile "Photon-s" no anti-aliasing, but available for the  "Photon". I think it's the opposite or a Bug ??


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  • ChiTuBox 4 Months+
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    Hi, Photon-s haven't supported anti-aliasing,  so there is no such option
  • Guest 4 Months+
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    Anycubic Slicer supports antialiasing for the Photon S, I'm also missing many of the settings from the Photon Profile.
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    Dear ChiTuBox,
    After v3.4.1 firmware, photon-s support A/A. But this firmware not compatibile with chitubox.
    Recently released v5.0.0 compatibile with chitubox. Thus you can support A/A option now!
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    where can we turn on the AA settings? when I select photon-s as printer the advanced area is empty
  • Guest 15 Days+
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    Still no response to why you haven't included anti-aliasing on the Photon S?