3 issues with V 1.5.0 for Mac

Michael Essers 2019-7-30 1542

I'm working with the V 1.5.0 for mac and I have 3 issues going on.

1)Photons slices (for the anycubic photon s) will not open on the printer. The file immidiatly freezes the printer. I have to use ChiTuBox to add supports and then the Photon Workshop software to slice the files.

2)Manual supports won't let you place them especially if they are connecting to the model not to the raft.

3) Auto-supports that connect to the model not to the raft don't always generate.

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  • CHITUBOX 2019-7-31
    Quote 2Floor
    1. What is the filename of your slice file? What is the firmware version? Can you upload the file to the forum?

    2&3. These two points are what support algorithms need to be optimized, and the next version will be better solved. This phenomenon has nothing to do with Mac.