Rework User Interaction

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Please rework the user-interaction - there are many, many things that are sub-optimal and make working with Chitu a pain. 

Here some issues I noticed:

How it is now: the rotation-gizmo is not readable from certain perspectives. 

How it should be: that gizmo should indicate world-axes flawlessly from all perspectives.

How it is now: when clicking on an gizmo that is in front of another object, the other object gets selected.

How it should be: objects behind gizmos should NOT be selectable around the gizmo. Raaaaah!

How it is now: changing user-perspective exits the selected transformation-mode. 

How it should be: the selected transformation-mode should stay active no matter what till user exits it.

How it is now: orbiting takes platform-center as rotation-center. 

How it should be: orbiting should happen around center of selection.

How it is now: clicking in empty space does nothing. 

How it should be: clicking in empty space should deselect object.

How it is now: shortcuts are too complicated and cannot be changed. 

How it should be: shortcuts should be one-letter and should be customizable. Loading known shortcut-tables (Blender, 3dsMax, Maya, ...) should be possible.

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