Chitubox 1.9 Crashing

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So im trying to slice some rather big models on chitubox, but everytime I hit Slice Chitubox shuts dow. If I remove some models from the design it tries to slice up to around 50% but then still crashes. This is rather frustating because im tyring to use my Phrozen Sonic Mega 8k and I want to use the whole plate and not separate them maybe into smaller designs. Any advice on how to fix this issue? Im using version chitubox 1.9, i dont think Phrozen Sonic Mega 8k works with earlier versions.

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    I too have this issue and im using a Photon S. i have chitubox installed on a windows PC.

    Have anyone resolved the problem?

  • Cliff Knight 4 Months+
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    Revert to version 1.7.0, i have found it to be relatively stable and have an acceptable combination of features and bugs...

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    Crashing while trying to ad supports. Where can I download version 1.7?
    Was searching but could not find it.

    Thanks, Robert
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    Ok... I have found it.... but it does not help me at all; 1.7.0. keeps crashing on me also.
    Also tried with a simple sphere, thinking that there is something wrong with my model.... but same thing.
    Any sugestions of what it could be?

    Thanks, Robert

    After further investigation: I tried on my labtop and 1.6 is working fine there.

    Now I am thinking that it might be my GTX 1060 (its updated to the latest firmware)

  • Cliff Knight 2 Months+
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    Very often crashes such as you describe are the result of faulty/incompatible graphics cards and drivers--particularly it seems in 3D intensive applications--i had numerous problems with Chitubox and other 3D applications (Lychee, requiring OpenGL 3.0 would not run at all) using an older Radeon HD5450 card in my Linux Mint 20.3 machine running the xorg drivers. Switching to a newer GeForce GT740 card resolved all issues.

    Also, it seems (arguably anecdotally) that the QT architecture at the core of Chitubox (yet another claimed to be "universal" dev platform¹ that seems to have morphed out of Apple's Quicktime [another failed "universal" platform]) has been often found to have problems with some higher-end/cutting-edge hardware.

    What operating system are you running?

    ¹ - Over my 50 +years in IT I have yet to see a truly "universal" development platform that was bulletproof--though I have seen too many to count, come and go. If you read QT's docs you'll see they make heavy use of the phrase "all supported platforms"--which is by definition a subset of "all platforms". I.e. if your "platform" (system) is one of the outliers it may not work as intended.