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Richard Edwards 2019-7-31 1783

Can someone explain to me the zip file format?  It appears to contain a number of png files and some gcode.  However, when I try and make my own zip file I get an error loading it into Chitubox saying that it is an invalide file format.  From Chitubox I have sliced a model and saved it as a zip file and then read it back in without problems.  However when I unzip the same saved file and then zip it back up with zip command in linux and load it into Chitubox,  then I get the same invalid file.  So I suspect I am not using the proper compression or settings with the zip command.  Has anyone had success in making their own zip file and reading it into Chitubox?

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  • CHITUBOX 2019-7-31
    Quote 2Floor
    Content is different, not all ZIP files can be read in, it needs to be generated by chitubox.

  • Richard Edwards 2019-8-1
    Quote 3Floor
    Thanks for the response.  The content should not be different since I extracted a zip file that was generated from Chitubox and then tried to zip it back up with the zip utility.  The difference would be the  compression algorithm and settings that Chitubox expects.  My end goal it to read in some png files that with gcode that was not generated by Chitubox.  Is this possible?  I would like to use Chitubox to add support structure.