Hotkeys?(specifically for moving around a specific area)

stu diresh 2019-8-5 6036

Hello, I can't seem to find a way to move around a specific area of the model.  For example, if I'm trying to fix a support, and I want to rotate around that support, the camera keeps rotating around a pivot that's farther away.  Is there a way to focus and rotate around a specific area of the model or support?  Thanks!  

And also is there a list of hotkeys anywhere? 

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  • CHITUBOX 2019-8-7
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    Hello, at present you can hold down the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse, and the visual field changes slowly. As for other shortcuts, we will add them in the second half of the year.
  • Syrkres 2020-2-25
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    Yes this would be very nice. Also hot keys to select both different modes(Add Support, remove support, edit support) as well as hotkeys to switch between types of support (light, medium, heavy).
  • Guest 2020-5-29
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    up/down keys to control the upper layer only:

    (highlighted with red in the screenshot)

    shift+up/down keys to control the lower layer only:

    (highlighted with red in the screenshot)

  • Guest 2020-5-31
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    How about using the arrow keys to move parts on the buildplate?