Decrease pixel to produce acurate parts

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hi guys we need to add the abiliy to reduce all faces in x & Y by a  pixel as its widly known that all prints are 0.1mm oversize on all x & Y faces z looks to be fine at the moment i am compensating through the stl file but this is inconvinient and hard on threads etc... 

this is a link to a utility that someone has made although it dose not work

please make this a priority as this will be a gamechanger for yourselves ! 

my spesific printer is anycubic photon.

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    can you please give feedback or a solution ?
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    anyone help or i will return and buy another type of printer i think 
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    If you find a solution please post it. I have spend hours looking for a way to do this myself. I also need precision parts. 
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    Follow up - I found a solution

    Z-Suite from Zortrax allows you to correct for 'overgrowth'

    1) Download it - it's free!
    2) On the welcome screen select "External LCD Printers" which is small text above all the thumbnails of the company's own printer models. This will allow you to specify bed size/DPI and also the export format (Cws, Zip, Photon, Sl1, Cbddlp).
    3) The software guides you through a linear process with next buttons and a progress bar at the bottom of the screen. The second step is "Print Settings." To the right will be a menu - click the "Advanced" tab and you will see "Overgrowth Correction" halfway down. 

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    Thanks. Hopefully they will add this to the Mars.
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    I also think this would be a valuable enhancement.
    Is there a chance you would implement it in the future?
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    In my opinion decrese pixel or a xy compensation is a feature indispensable. Slicer for fdm like S3D have this feature

     sorry for my bad english

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