Lines on Sliced Part in Photon Slicer and ChiTuBox

Caliban 2019-8-11 1898

Hey Guys,

my english is not the best but i try it to get some help for my problem.

I build a Part to print in Inventor and exported it as STL and loaded it in ChiTuBox. I printed it on my Photon and i noticed some lines on the Side of the Print. I thought that they are caused by the Printer itself but after some research, i noticed that these Lines are already on the Sliced Part. I reopened the .photon File where you can see the sliced Part to check this. 

Have someone else noticed this behavior of ChiTuBox?

Here are a Screenshot of what i mean:

You can clearly see all that horizontal Lines on that Object. I can rotate it, so it is straight on the build plate in 90° Angle or use the 45° Method. Nothing helps, sometimes the orientation of that Lines will change but they are always there. And when i print this Part, it will be visible on the printed Object.

So i used Photon Slicer to test out if it is a Slicer Fault. But the same happes there with one Exception, when i rotate the Part in X AND Y for 45° and slice it, it will looks like that:

This looks great so far but when i look at the other side:

There are the Lines again. Why does this happen and how i can avoid that? I found nothing in Google for that.

And of course i tried to change the Layer Height, other Expose Times etc. Nothing helped, it looks always the same. Are there any Tricks for such Problems? And it is not the Object itself, i loaded a XYZ Testcube from Thingiverse and there is the same Problem, if i rotate the Cube and the Walls are not straight. Every Sloped Wall have this Artifacts on any Object i have testet. Only organic Shapes are not affected by this like Miniatures or other Human or Animal Like Objects with rounded Surfaces. 

I hope you can help me in that Case.

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    HI,do you have a picture of the model after printing?