Extremly Slow on Mac

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I'm using Chitubox Free and Pro on my MacBook Pro (2020) with SSD and 16GB RAM.

But both versions are extremely slow.

If I use for example CB Free on a Windows 10/11 in a Parallels VM on the same Mac, a slicer process takes some seconds, while the same job takes 15-20 minutes with the "native" Mac version.

The same happens when I want to store a file. I can't understand, why saving an already sliced file takes ages in general, but here the Mac native version takes much longer than the Windows version in a VM.



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    v1.8.1? Chitubox sucks. Zero bugfixes. Go Lychee
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    the latest versions of the QT Dev platform seem to have numerous compatibility issues on both the latest Windows and Mac operating systems...
    It is unfortunate that Chitubox put their eggs in the QT basket...
    Re: Lychee, I find the trendy, low contrast, dark UI to be quite unappealing--to the point that I will not use it...