Citubox keeps crashing on startup.

Francesco Montagnese 11 Months+ 1162

So Chitubox 1.4 has been working great for me until tonight.  I was working on a model and closed out on it without saving work.  I restarted, but had to do a hard restart on my PC because it was taking forever to restart.  I rebooted my PC and Chitubox stopped working, crashing on startup.  I uninstalled 1.4 and reinstalled it, still no go.  I tried installing 1.5 and that does not work either.  What could be the issue here?  Can anyone help me out?

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  • ChiTuBox 11 Months+
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  • Guest 9 Months+
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    I am having the same problem, I think. I get the opening screen with the logo, it minimizes to the task bar, and then the program closes. So I can't get in to the program and delete anything. What can I do? 
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    I am getting the exact same issue and have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, rerouting, and updating drivers but all haven't done anything. The only way that I have been able to get it to start up is through starting my computer in Safe Mode but the program is laggy and lacks some useful features while its open like this. Any fixes would be great. I've tried removing the file but it doesn't help.

  • Mario Da Silva 7 Months+
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    same problem here with the 64 bit version. I tried  the 32 bit version which is working but still crashes randomly  and when i have more than 2 objects on the plate..