Chitubox Pro v1.1.0 working much slower than Basic with the same file

Guest 2021-12-10 969

The top line "Write sucsessfully" is belongs to Basic, sliced and saved file in 15 minutes. Bottom line "Writting" belongs to Pro: same file sliced in 15 minutes and saving already 65 minutes. I tried many times, saving of sliced file for Pro is almost impossible process. Last time I was waiting for 34 hours to save the file. Is it OK for 600 MB?!

And it's not a PC issue: Basic version don't need too much time. And it's not an old Mac: MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) 2.6 GHz 6‑ядерный процессор Intel Core i7 64 ГБ 2667 MHz DDR4

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