Autosupport for "Island"

Stefano Finocchiaro 2019-8-14 753

Autosupport feature seem to complete ignore not supported "islands" instead it seem to care only of the angle of the surfaces. Autosupport instead should first place supports in all the not supported "island"  that can be found and then add supports based on the angle. I'm struggling to print some complex models because of that, I think that this it's a very important feature to be added

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    Bump for this feature request.  I am finding the autosupport feature is not very good.  Places way too many supports in places that don't really need them.  I just want to support islands most of the time.
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    I have to agree on this!!! This is a MAJOR flaw. Every single slice-job on a fairly complicated model (almost all figurine) is a fail! There are a LOT of unsupported island around. 
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    +1 here
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    Regarding the support issue, we are optimizing and improving it.
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    +1 here, the island recognition would be a major update, with an auto-supports island function it will be a dream

    Thank you