Chitubox Settings Render Bug

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Been having a weird graphic rendering bug for a while now. Every time I open the settings in Chitubox and move my mouse around it starts displaying weird cuts and rendering issues. Anyone else have a similar issue? Please see figure below. 

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  • Cliff Knight 9 Months+
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    What version of CB, what operating system?

    Do you have an older video card? If so check out the "Graphics card backwards compatibilty mode" on the Main menu|Setting dialog;

    If you have a newer "bleeding-edge" system it may be that the QT development system does not yet support your platform. You might ewant to try compatibility mode anyway...

  • Guest 1 Months+
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    I am using v1.9.3 and also have this wierd issue. I have updated the Graphiccard driver from a LG Driver to a Intel Driver without improvement. My System has only a Intel Iris Xe Graphicscard. 
    Please fix this. I am getting crazy and I am trying to like chitubox... but with all those flashing and stuff i think i have to use LycheeSlicer :(