Screen portions cut off or missing. Missing menus and details on prints

Brandon Bass 4 Months+ 271

So, I'm working on my first prints on my Saturn.  I have Chitubox pro and noticed that I'm missing a series of controls, details etc.  Slice is cut off to the point that you can barely see the button on the bottom left.  I'm using a 4k screen and I've seen some traffic that there are problems with the world view display and tools display when using a 4k monitor.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

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  • Sascha Schmuck 4 Months+
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    Same Problem here...
    I have the Mars 3 and Chitubox Pro, I also using a 4k monitor.
    Today every menu disappeared. First the 'support' menu, afterwards anything except 'repair'. A re-installation has no effect. Can't use the programme anymore.
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    same probleme with H500 and chitubox pro, with 4k monitor
    i can't use pro version
    reinstallation and some change in video graphic card parameter no effect
    thank for your quick solution
  • Li Geng 4 Months+
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    Try cleaning the cache:
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    Thanks it's perfect!!!! 
    very good reactivity!!!!!!!