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Knenina Thompson 2021-12-29 3329

Hello Im new to 3D printing i have a Elegoo Mars and the driver has been updated. My problem is im running chitubox on windows 32 bit and downloaded Chitubox V1.5.5.1 It keeps crashing and closing and i tried the update within the program but it's not working. Is there an version of chitubox that will run on 32 bit that i can download. I tried the latest version but it wont work its specifically designed to run on 64 bit.  Im trying really hard not to return this machine.

Thanks in advance.

Nina Thompson

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  • Cliff Knight 2022-1-3
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    There is a 32-bit version available on the "previous versions" download page--have you tried that? I have not used it a lot on my 32-bit Win7 machine (I run 64-bit Linux for most everything I do), however I have not had any problems with it...