Problem with stl files in chitubox

Guest 2021-12-29 2414

Good morning to all.

Recently i have a anycubic photon mono. I download the chitubox(free) version 1.9 and i have some problems.

When I'm working an stl file and slice them, the ''save as'' button does not let me to save to stl file,only to ''photon pwmo''...???

The pc doesn't recognize this file.

In Chitubox settings ive change the default profile and i click the anycubic photon mono printer as general profile.

Please help.....

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  • Cliff Knight 2021-12-30
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    .STL files are model definition files, describing the surface of a 3D model--they are not "slice' files for feeding a printer. THe file needs to be saved as a printing command file in the proper format for your printer. I believe the file format (extension) .pwmo is correct for the Photon Mono printer.
  • Guest 2021-12-30
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    I will try it.
    Thank you.