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I also have the graphics issue on Chitubox. Version 1.5 worked well, but when i upgraded, It creates that trail/shows of the image due to poor refresh rates. How can this be fixed? I enabled the settings option for Graphics backawards capability, and also changed my graphics settings on windows to allow high performance for Chitubox. I also tried to update my drivers, which was always up to date. Any idea on what else could be the issue. Unistall back to 1.5 didnt work. Thanks. 

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  • Cliff Knight 2022-1-2
    Quote 2Floor

    To what version of Chitubox did you "upgrade"? Version 1.9.0  (or more correctly the QT development platform upon which it is based) seems to have numerous graphics problems on some systems.

    Try version 1.7.0, I have found it to the most stable...