File version for Elegoo Mars Mono LCD firmware not quite right

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Alright, writing this now so I don't forget what exactly happened over the last few hours;

Got my elegoo mars 5.5 mono lcd the other day (my original lcd rapidly developed black dots in varying sizes so I figured why not upgrade), finally installed it and all was physically fine.

I went and updated the firmware (from ChituSystems site), had problems printing so I updated chitubox to latest version (x.9). Got 'invalid file format' when trying to print. Couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong whilst installing different firmware versions until I looked at the printer system information after updating to ChituSystems firmware.

The file version in the firmware file is (4.3.13_LCDC*)...chitubox is looking for version (4.4*) at a minimum.

So what did I do? I am using the elegoo 4.4 firmware while using the chitu 4.3 cbd and everything seems to work far.

T/S notes: I tried an earlier version of chitubox (*.8) and had all sorts of other printing problems (exposing the whole screen with weird distortions, that sort of thing). I also found that with the update to chitubox, you NEED to save to the 'ctb' format or you will get 'invalid file format'.

Maybe this helps someone out there.

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  • Cliff Knight 2022-1-3
    Quote 2Floor

    The .ctb output file format changed between Chitubox (CB) versions 1.8.x and 1.9.x--from what I have been able to determine the encryption/compression algorithm was changed--it appears the new algorithm produces smaller files (see below). 

    CB v1.9.x can read the older files but it can only create the newer format. CB versions earlier than v1.9.0 cannot read the new format; nor can Elegoo firmware older than v4.4.x.

    These are the same .stl file (a tool I designed for operating stiffPVC ball valves) sliced and saved with CB versions 1.7.0 and 1.9.0 with the same print settings:

    THe v1.7.0 file is 8.7 MB, the v1.9.0 file is 5.6 MB--in way of comparison, saving the sliced file in the much older .cbddlp format created a 27.0 MB file! I do not know if the newer Elegoo firmware supports this old format, but would not be surprised to find it does not.

    As print platforms, and models and model complexity grow more efficient compression is a good thing...

    Here is the ball valve tool in case anyone is curious:

    Note: CBD Technology supplies operating firmware and hardware for many brands of printers:

    CBD Tech Partners (from their site):