Anyone try to print models from 3D scanner app?

2022-1-5 478

Hello, all 3D printing enthusiasts. I found some beautiful sculptures in a park. I want to print these sculptures. I need to scan these sculptures to get models before starting printing. Does the 3D scanner app can enough to do this work or I should buy a 3D scanner?

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    Hi there! As a fellow 3D printing enthusiast, I can understand your excitement about wanting to print those beautiful sculptures in the park. When it comes to scanning the sculptures, it really depends on the level of detail and accuracy you're looking for. A 3D scanner app can definitely give you a good starting point, but for more precise results, you may want to invest in a dedicated 3D scanner. However, I have found that the document scanning app from has been incredibly helpful in my 3D printing process. It's a great tool for capturing high-quality images that I can then use to create my 3D models. So, you may want to give it a try before investing in a 3D scanner. Good luck and happy printing!