Chitubox cause Cura crashes

2022-1-10 1324

Cura is updated to the latest release, as is Chitubox.
Something about the Chitubox thumbnail preview causes Cura to crash if you try to open a model. 

The Cura team can't do anything about it, and Chitubox doesn't seem to care.
Hey, guys, some of us have more than one printer.
It's a known issue, quit ignoring it.

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  • Cliff Knight 2022-1-10
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    I will apologize in advance for the verbosity of the following response, however the instances of Chitubox colliding with other apps are now overwhelming and I needed to get in my 50¢ worth of hopefully constructive comment and critique.

    It's that damnable QuickTime (QT) platform they used as the foundation for Chitubox. It often does not play well with other graphic applications, sometimes even apps developed with some other version of QT.

    I have never used QT and don't know a lot about it, however it seems grossly overrated¹ especially from a "works an plays well with others" perspective--and the QT people don't seem to care about that as they seem to have plenty of customers, of which Chitubox is just one and likely not that  "big a one".

    CBD-Tech can't do much about it as they are at QT's mercy (or peril). Over the years I have seen this before with applications based on some 3rd party "whiz-bang" platform; eventually one or both companies go away or if the end-user application (Chitubox in this case) has sufficient revenue they will acquire the platform developer, or vice-versa. In this situation I do not see that either company is in a position to acquire the other.
    And QT probably doesn't want to be in the end-user market.

    Chitubox's main problem is that they are now married to this flaky "one-size-fits-all" dev platform, and I suspect do not have the rresources to create their own graphics engine, leaving them squarely between "a rock and a hard place"--heck, they cannot even provide a minimal level of customer support! Look at the age of most unanswerd posts in this alledged support "community"-- they completely ignore conflict with other application queries. My impression is they are disorganized, overwhelmed, loaded well beyond their capacity.

    My advice to them would be to dunp the QT platform at whatever cost, and develop their own grahics engine tht supports Windows, MAC and Linux; the only three operating systems that matter...
    ¹- QT is one of those "cross platform" development tools that promises to do everything on "all supported platforms". The fundamental problem is that "all supported platfoms" is not the same thing as "all platforms"--and like most all multi-purpose  "universal" sorts of things it may indeed do a whole bunch of stuff, but none of it especially well.

    I worked in Applications Development for over 40 years, 25 in IT Senior Management, and have seen these symptoms numerous times--more than I care to remember. As IT Director for a State Health Department I watch the Comptrollers Office dump pver 10 m$ into a new accounting system project that failed after 18  months, It was based on modifying another State's system which had been built around a 3rd party financial management core, The developers should have dumped that core  early on, but persisted well beyond the pont of dminiishing returns before acknoledging it was not scalable to our State's needs.

  • Guest 2022-1-10
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    I have the same issues. working in Cura..All most done crash 
  • Gerard Willis 8 Months+
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    Cura crashes if your Windows login contains a special character, which is another recognized problem with this symptom. The %TEMP% directory, which is by default in your user directory, is where the crash occurred in one of Cura's dependencies (free games). Cura is currently a victim of this because of that library because Windows warns you about special characters in the username due to problems with applications like this.

  • Guest 8 Months+
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    The same problems affect me. a job in Cura.nearly done crash tunnel rush 

  • 6 Months+
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    Even if it seems like the developers are ignoring the issue, continue to report it to both Cura 2048 and Chitubox. Sometimes, multiple reports can help highlight the importance of a problem.