License and software nonsense

John Elrod 4 Months+ 155

I love the Mars 3 I received on the 5th but Chitubox is an absolute embarassment. 

I fired up Chitubox today and it says my license is expired after 7 days.  I logged into Chitubox and and now there are 2 licenses shown, a 7 day and a 365 day.  I unbound tha 7 day but when I try and activate the 365 it says printer ID is bound to another license.  This is the most ridiculous and horrible software I have ever had to use professionally.  

Can anyone help me as I have submitted trouble tickets with CHitubox but received no response.

Thank you: a VERY frustrated John  

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  • Cliff Knight 3 Months+
    Quote 2Floor
    Ask Elegoo to straighten it out--they are the ones that bundled the software and therefore the ones to handle licensing issues...