Help printing on a magnetic build plate

Ken Weiland 2022-1-13 649

Hi All - 

I need help with settings to properly print on a magnetic build plate.

Just tried one print today.  It stuck with no problems, and popped off also no problems but the height is shorter, and there is a flair or step around the base of the part.  Any suggestions as to settings to correct this?

See the pix attached.

Thanks for any help


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  • 2022-1-14
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    Did you re-zero the build plate ? Looks like it stayed far too long on the first few mm  - thickness of new mag build plate?
  • Ken Weiland 2022-1-14
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    Yes, I zero-ed the plate and also added a 2.6mm spacer to the Z-stop as per the instructions and speaking to "Wham-Bam" makers of the plate.
    My specs were : bottom layer:6    Bottom exposure: 65    Exposure time: 4  and layer height: .05  Printer: Elegoo Saturn   Resin: Siraya fast
    I just updated to build 1.9 so maybe there are more options to try?
  • Ken Weiland 2022-1-16
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    Ok, after a full day of experimentation, I found the answer using the Bottom Tolerance Compensation in the Advanced tab of settings.
    For my case, the bottom tolerance worked out best at -0.600mm.
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    Increase the first layer height slightly. A slightly higher first layer can help adhesion and prevent the curling or warping that can lead to the flair or step. As a local multiplayer game, house of hazards gives players extremely surprising challenges with many surprising situations.