rest time feature buggy

Guest 2022-1-20 655

While I think the rest time feature is a great addition, it has a few bugs that make it hard to employ. First of all Id like to recommend a good read on how rest times can positively affect plate adhesion, layer adhesion, elefant foot etc:

The problem lies within when it is IGNORED by the printer. I tested this on a Mars 2. On the very first layer after homing, the rest times (rest time after retract) does not work at all and is completely ignored. This is the when it would arguably be the most important to have a rest time and let the build plate settle in the viscous resin. Furthrmore the rest times are ignored after pausing the print, which causes layer seperation.

Therefore I would kindly aks you to implement the rest times before the first layer and also make sure it is working correctly after pausing a print.

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    Chitubox buggy? I don't believe it... 
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