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Dale Campion 26 Days+ 78

Hi, I am using version 1.5 with a bean printer. The print image order is messed up while on layer 3 (which should be the platform) is a layer half way up the model. Layer 4 is near the top, it seems to be jumping layers. I did find the bean plugin which made no difference. I unzipped the file and looked at the images, they are all there and in the correct order. Any ideas ? So I have been looking around and found Jaidek's solution (SLAcer is really buggy and creates inaccurate slices at times. I suggest using ChiTuBox for supports/slicing. You will have to rename the output images to work with the Bean (ChiTuBox: 1.png, 10.png, 100.png / Bean: 001.png, 010.png, 100.png) but can be quickly done with the xnView image viewer.) I tryed this but the images still get mixed up. Help! I do not want to give Kudo any money for software that should come with a machine for free.

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    Hi there,
    I have the same problem, not fixed yet...any help??
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    Try this, I got it from support. I didn't work for me got a missing dll error. Let me know if it works.