CB 1.9.1 - Much improved - Thank you , ChituBox engineers :-)

2022-1-31 649

Much better graphics handling on my modest i3 linux box  :-)

moving large stl's is far more fliud and responsive :-)

I have a 37MB stl of Degas 'Little dancer' that was a real PITA to position in earlier versions , so slow it was difficult to get it in just the right position. Now the movement is fast and fluid.

Adding supports now is much faster too.

I still have a problem with one of my larger stls , a coil bobbin ; the old version could only handle 6 before freezing . 1.9.1  was able to handle 10 and was still just about useable (seems to be a memory is handling issue as there is plenty of available RAM )

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  • Cliff Knight 2022-1-31
    Quote 2Floor
    i agree, been using it for 10-12 days now and it seems stable and capable--WELL DONE!!!

    One minor glitch remains--I am running Linux Mint 20.3 and still have to launch it from a bash script to set environment variables so it can find the QT 5.15 libraries. Isn't there some way to package and distribute this so that it can find it's own support files?