Mostly vertical holes being closed off by layer missing hole

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At first I thought it was a printer 'rough edge' (Photon S), but it turns out there is a bug in ChiTuBox 1.5.0 where holes vertical and up to approx 30 degrees of vertical are missing in some layers, resulting in a one or more layer 'fleece' covering the holes and trapping resin. Obviously not not a good thing. This even happens in quite large holes, as can be seen in the two attached screenshots. In the screenshots is one of the 'fleece' layers (#24) and proof (#25) that it's not in the geometry. The STL was run through Meshlab to make sure it wasn't a geometric anomaly. It seems to occur mostly on holes with a fillet on the edge (as shown 0.25mm), model size doesn't seem to matter.

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    I have the exect same problem, hole is covered for one layer.  Its not a problem of the stl or model. Other slicers slice the model correct.      Only happens on 0.02 layer height. Pls Pls fix this.   Using chitubox 1.5

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    It happens on 0.04 layer height too. And with holes without fillets.

    To make things worse: I've noticed the 'fleece' sometimes breaks into shards which then damage the FEP sheet, or even the LCD if one gets punched through (I suspect that's what happened to me recently).
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    Yeah its, sad. I have the feeling that the edge scanning algo is somehow broken. When i slice in lets say formware or pruca slicer  the slices represent the model better, and have no big bug like closed holes.
    At the moment iam using the pruca slicer , than convert the .sl1 format to .photon and than i do the AA with Photon File Validator. and than i convert to .cbddlp .
    Its a sad workaround :( 

    You can do the same thing with formware and export direct to .photon or .cbddlp( .photon or .cbddlp are exactly the same) And than do the AA with the  Photon File Validator.

    By the way iam using windows 10

    Stefan can u try to slice the same model in bigger layer steps, That fixed the closed hole thing for me , but its no option...

    Pls pls fix this.